The Risks of Using Marijuana

marijuana33Even though it looks basically harmless, marijuana is just the opposite, especially when looking at teenage substance abuse. Although marijuana leads to the usage of other drugs, such as cocaine, research statistics have indicated that users have a higher possibility of contracting cancer. That’s since the drug carries a higher concentration of the substances that cause cancer in it than cigarettes. To provide you with a concept how lethal smoking pot can be, inhaling a couple joints weekly equates to smoking approximately a pack of cigarettes every other day. Consequently, marijuana users frequently suffer from the same symptoms as those who smoke excessively. They can develop smoker’s coughs and therefore are more susceptible to colds and pneumonia too.

Effects to the Defense Mechanisms:

Getting high also affects the immune system. Researchers have found that the substance destroys certain tissues and cells that are accustomed to fight disease, thereby weakening your ability to defend against illness. In addition, it has been determined that marijuana use is typically a prelude to the use of other drugs. You stand a better chance then relying on other drugs, or lethal drugs, such as cocaine or heroin.

Impaired Judgment:

Marijuana leaves side effects that don’t readily go away as well. For example, it could hamper one’s ability to use good judgment up to a day at a time – not good in case you are driving a motor vehicle. THC (also known as Tetrahydrocannabinol) is responsible for this effect. The chemicals penetrate the fatty tissues in some organs in the body. Urine testing, therefore, can detect trace amounts of the substance. In addition THC is found in the bodies of chronic users after a month or more. Therefore, youth substance abuse of marijuana does play a role in reckless driving and impaired alertness. One study figured that the substance was accountable for just a little over 30% of the accidents connected with negligent driving practices.


Other Names:

The drug goes by several of names, for example pot, weed, grass, Mary Jane, or gangster. However, there are actually far more appellations compared to aforementioned listing for the plant worldwide. Many people smoke hash or hashish, and that is a stronger variety of the substance.

How the Drug is used:

If you examine marijuana, it looks, as stated, innocuous; yet, things aren’t always whatever they seem. Marijuana alters how the mind works. Besides THC, the narcotic contains over 400 other chemical compounds. The drug’s strength though is predicated through the amount of THC it has. The drug can be utilized in several ways, including:

1. Cigarette (also named a nail or joint);
2. Cigar (called a blunt); or
3. Pipe (known as a bong).

Some Effects of Use:

Although some users are experiencing paranoid thoughts or anxiety, other people suffer milder effects, for instance:

Learning difficulties;
Difficulty in remembering;
Lack of coordination; or
The inability to solve problems.

Seek Treatment:

Marijuana is usually combined with other drugs, thereby using it even more dangerous. In case you or a friend or acquaintance has an addiction to marijuana or even a stronger drug, locate a substance abuse treatment center which can help you. Marijuana is not the mild narcotic some may believe. Its effects are far-reaching with respect one’s health, mentally and physically.

Study Finds Increase In Teen Marijuana Use:

A new report says more teens are using marijuana, and some said medical marijuana legislation is giving teens the perception that it might be safer to smoke marijuana.

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